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A senior manager promoted to his post due to his technical expertise and strong track record in an unrelated role was encountering regular challenges in motivating, engaging and leading his team to deliver business goals. Alongside the people issues, operationally, the manager’s department wasn't achieving its efficiency and customer service goals.  

The financial cost to the business was growing and the client wanted to support the senior manager in his personal and professional development so he could become a high performing and credible manager.


Summit designed and successfully facilitated a management coaching programme in Manchester which matched the manager’s personal and professional development priorities with the priorities of the business.

The management coaching was underpinned with an Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment to draw out strengths and areas for development the participant was not aware of.  Alongside the Emotional Intelligence development, the participant learned a range of practical, time-tested management techniques, skills and approaches that enabled him to perform at his best, and also enabled him to engage with, effectively collaborate with and more successfully lead, his 10 direct reports to achieve business goals.


‘I was initially a little sceptical about the leadership training when it was first arranged.  Once the training started, I began to understand what it was all about, gaining a better insight of the various techniques required to lead and influence people.

What was very useful was for me to understand the different types of characters we meet on a daily basis and what techniques can be used to effectively deal with these characters without conflict and how my actions and words may be perceived by others.

Overall the management coaching was extremely useful and I will be asking all my team managers to attend a similar programme.

Adam Baker (signed on behalf of the manager)
Head of HR

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Posted by on August 6, 2015