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Online Mental Health Awareness training

Online Mental Health Training courses can add lots of value. Even though there's no replacement for being 'in the room', at Summit we believe we have developed an approach which is as close as can be to in-person learning.

Online Mental Health Awareness Training

Here's how it works, and why it works so well...

  1. Participants of the Online Mental Health training course receive an invitation video from the Summit facilitator. This creates engagement, interest and commitment to learning.

  2. Participants email the Summit facilitator with their individual learning priorities. This helps participants begin to own their personal learning. It also helps Summit tailor programme content.

  3. Learning is involving, relevant and interesting. It is NOT a Powerpoint slideshow which is simply not value-adding.

  4. Comfort breaks every 60 minutes provides the opportunity to not just chunk down learning, but an opportunity for participants to stand up, refresh their focus, put the kettle on even. Then back to it for the next chunk of learning.

  5. Group activities and review discussions being the learning to life. Activities serve as a catalyst for specific learning points. The real value is created during the review discussions.

  6. Your Summit facilitator is an acknowledged subject expert, who is also globally certified in Emotional Intelligence. This ensures you achieve the best possible return on your organisation's investment in mental health awareness training.

And, that is why our online mental health training courses have proved so popular.

Why not take a look at our Mental Health Awareness Training course?

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Everyone was highly impressed with the facilitation and content of the training.
B Paniyatou
 - HR Manager, Capel Manor College