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Mental Health Awareness training course

Mental Health Awareness Training is understandably becoming a popular purchase for organisational leaders and HR Managers.

Indeed, Mental Health Week is the ideal time to explore how to choose an external Mental Health Awareness Training provider.

Unfortunately, in the same manner as Bullying and Harassment Awareness training became very popular a few years ago following media reports of some high profile leaders being accused of bullying, the same issue has occurred with Mental Health Awareness Training.

Mental Health Awareness Training Bandwagon

While there are a number of credible, experienced and ethical organisations and practitioners offering Mental Health Awareness Training and Consultancy, sadly, there are many who lack credibility, experience and the quality and validity of their offering is at best, questionable.

Trust But Verify

As you will see when you watch the brief video below, Summit focuses on delivering not just 'training' or 'information' for clients. Really, the key message is 'trust but verify'.

  1. Check client testimonials and contact the testimonial author to establish what value the provider actually delivered.

  2. Check the qualifications of the training provider's facilitator or consultant.

  3. Ensure your learning will be involving, relevant and value-adding, not a Powerpoint slideshow.

It all starts with a chat.

When will be good for you?

Everyone was highly impressed with the facilitation and content of the training.
B Paniyatou
 - HR Manager, Capel Manor College