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Leadership Training on Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership Training and Executive Coaching can be a valuable investment for busy, under pressure leaders and executives.

There are occasions where a leader may want to benefit from leadership training or executive coaching, but be reluctant to actually commit to the journey. Reasons can include:-

  1. Will the coaching be worthwhile or will it be a waste of my time and effort?

  2. How credible is the executive coach and what value can s/he really share with me?

  3. Will I have to report back to a stakeholder in my organisations and tell them what I'm focusing on developing?

  4. Where will I find the time to commit to the coaching programme? I'm busy enough as it is.

  5. What if I lose motivation part way through the coaching programme?

All of the above questions are valid. There isn't any point in committing to a leadership training course or executive coaching programme if your heart isn't in it. It is though worthwhile having a no obligation exploratory chat with a credible executive coach to explore if or how you might benefit from an independent expert perspective.

The video testimonial below was produced by successful entrepreneur and in-demand keynote speaker Vinh Giang. He committed to his own development and, even though his projects took him around the world, he found time to focus on the areas he wanted to strengthen and balance.

Take a look and see for yourself the kind of support and value you can enjoy and benefit from with your own executive coaching or leadership development training course.

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The facilitation of the leadership training programme was superb
B Al-Azem
 - Head of Human Resources, DHL