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Influencing Skills training for sales teams

If you're a sales director or business owner looking to enhance your sales performance and profitability, here are ten compelling reasons why it's worthwhile considering training with Summit, leveraging the latest principles taught and endorsed by Dr. Robert Cialdini:

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  1. Cutting-Edge Techniques: Stay ahead of your competition with the most modern and scientifically-proven tools and approaches to persuasion, influenced by the renowned work of Dr. Cialdini. His principles have been successfully applied across the world, and Summit uses his principles too. Plus, we are approved by Dr. Cialdini to train companies on the seven principles of influence.

  2. Customised Sales Training: Each organisation is unique, and the training will be tailored to your specific requirements, priorities and goals. Customisation ensures that you learn and apply not only the principles of influence, but most relevant tools, techniques and language patterns that resonate with your sales team members and target customers.

  3. Ethical Sales Practices: Learn how to ethically influence and persuade customers to increase sales without compromising integrity. Ethics are important for developing a genuinely win-win, long-term relationship where all parties can benefit equally. Aligning with Dr. Cialdini's principles of ethical influence is vital for sustaining credibility, relationships and brand trust.

  4. Understanding Buyer Psychology: Dive into the psyche of your prospective and existing customers by understanding what drives them to make purchasing decisions, or not. You'll be equipped to communicate more flexibly, effectively and close deals faster, avoiding lengthy and frustrating decision delays that drain motivation and focus.

  5. Increased Conversion Rates: With the successful application of ethical influence and persuasion approaches, you will see a noticeable increase in conversion rates, leading to more sales, more retained profit-margin and more satisfied customers.

  6. Hands-On Experience: The training is not just theoretical; you'll engage in real-world scenarios and role-plays to ensure the skills are embedded and can be applied immediately by your sales team members. Do remember to ask us for the client video testimonial demonstrating how Summit delivered an £8.2 million return on client investment in just 20 days.

  7. Expert Coaching and Feedback: You and your sales team benefit from expert led training, personal guidance and constructive feedback from a certified influence and persuasion expert. This ensures that you don't just learn the tools, principles and techniques, but begin to master them.

  8. Networking Opportunities: Connect with other like-minded professionals from a variety of industries to see what results they are achieving and how you can replicate their success in your organisation.

  9. Ongoing Support: Training doesn't have to end when the workshop concludes. With our Platinum package, you'll receive continued support and access to resources to ensure that the learning and development continue long-term.

  10. Investment in Business Growth: Consider this influencing skills training, designed by Dr. Robert Cialdini (described as 'The Godfather of Influence') an investment in your company's future growth. By enhancing your sales performance, you'll not only increase profits but also build long-term relationships with clients, driving sustained success.

Training in influence and persuasion under the guidance of someone certified by Dr. Cialdini ensures you're learning from the best and most authoritative sources. The skills you and your colleagues will acquire are not just applicable to sales but can enhance leadership and interpersonal relationships, benefiting your entire organisation.

Feel free to get in touch for a detailed course outline and to discuss how this training can be tailored to your company's specific needs.

To find out more about Summit Influence and Persuasion training courses for leaders, sales teams, marketers and customer relations teams, get in touch.

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