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Emotional Intelligence training course for Councils

Emotional Intelligence Training for Councils is one of our most popular solutions since employees began returning to what was originally their workplace.

Emotional Intelligence Training - Quality?

For your organisation achieve genuine value from its investment in Emotional Intelligence Training, it is vital that you appoint an external partner who has done (much) more than simply read and produced a Powerpoint slide deck from a published book on the subject.

Sadly, that's the approach taken by the majority of companies offering what they term 'Emotional Intelligence Training'.

Relax...you're in good hands

If you are seeking a credible, qualified and value-focused Emotional Intelligence training partner, here's what you can expect from Summit.

  1. Consultants and Trainers who are globally certified in Emotional Intelligence.

  2. A scientifically-validated approach to developing Emotional Intelligence competence and skills in your Council..

  3. Client testimonials you can check out for yourself rather than a brochure.

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When will be good for you?

Everyone was highly impressed with the facilitation and content of the training.
B Paniyatou
 - HR Manager, Capel Manor College