Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training Courses

Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training Courses can create lasting organisational value.  At least if the training provider firstly helps nominated participants for the training to actually want to come along, join in and learn about this important subject.

Summit continues to monitor the Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training offerings of UK based training providers.  What we have found is a mixture of:-

  1. Legal Lectures - which are pitched understandably at promoting compliance with legislation, for everyone's benefit.  Often pitched as a freebie which enables the law firm to pitch for ongoing business relating to HR. or...
  2. A General Overview - pitched more at 'This could happen if you....' and 'The organisation's policy on Bullying and Harassment is...' and little else.

Both approaches have their own benefits.  And both have serious limitations too, especially for the trusting participants who can often think "Why have I been nominated for bullying awareness training? What have I done?"

Summit prefers to create a learning environment in which it is safe to explore the sensitive subjects which surround bullying and harassment.  An environment where participants, regardless of their seniority, experience or background, can learn by doing, by exploring genuine case studies, viewing a situation from multiple perspectives to understand how individuals can view a situation differently.  Even unconscious bias is included.  Why?  Because Powerpoint presentations or excessive exploration of legislation is NOT the most effective method of enabling learning.  Making learning relevant for the individual participants personally, professionally and for your organisation too is by far the most efficient and meaningful approach to encouraging participants to actually apply their learning, and on a subject that rarely is exciting, but is very much needed, for everyone's benefit.

The Summit one day Bullying and Harassment Awareness training course has consistently received outstanding client feedback. Please request a copy of client feedback when you get in touch.

Summit also offers a 3 day Bullying and Harassment Awareness Train the Trainer Certification so you can develop in-house capability to facilitate this learning long-term and without external support.

Why not call 0845 052 3701 (UK) for a chat with a member of the Summit team about your requirements?  We're a friendly bunch.

Posted by on March 10, 2020

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