Management Training Courses in Shrewsbury

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- Management Training Courses in Shrewsbury

What makes Summit unique?

For immersive and action-packed Management training courses or Leadership Training courses in Shrewsbury that deliver improvements quickly, Summit could be a good match. 

The unique suite of management training courses in Shrewsbury include Emotional Intelligence for Managers training, the top-rated People Management Essentials for managers that need a practical management toolkit to boost their effectiveness and team's performance and thought-provoking Unconscious Bias training course.

The most popular leadership development courses include Presentation Skills Training, the Leadership Team Masterclass and Emotionally Intelligent Leader programme.

Your training course is facilitated by a subject expert, passionate about helping learners to learn quickly, enjoy their learning and transfer learning back to your workplace. They're also good fun too!

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- Management Training Courses in Shrewsbury

Training venue options near you

Summit’s leadership training and management training courses in Shrewsbury can be held at your offices or off-site.

For an off-site venue our preferred training venue is The Lion Hotel which provides each access from Telford, Oswestry and Market Drayton.


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