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The EQ 360 Psychometric Assessment

Underpin your 360 degree feedback coaching programme with the world's most credible and only scientifically-validated Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment tool.

There are many potential barriers which stop the people who need feedback most from receiving it. They include:-

- Authority and position within the organisational structure.

- Personal Impact such as intentional or unintentional intimidating behaviour.

- The misguided belief that ‘That’s just how s/he’s like and always will be.’

But whatever the challenge, it can be overcome relatively quickly and easily with our expert support.

Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from our unique 360 degree feedback coaching programmes below.

Take a look at a sample EQ 360 Client Report.

"Summit are trustworthy and passionate in their approach to enabling learning"
S O'Shea
 - Vice President, DHL Aviation
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Summit’s 360 Degree Feedback Coaching uses the world's leading Emotional Intelligence psychometric assessment tool, the EQ-i 2.0.

Designed to aid leaders, managers and technical experts in discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and use this greater self-awareness to cultivate the skills they require to lead others , and manage themselves, more effectively.

Unlocked greater awareness and an understanding of how your behaviour, impact and attitude impact team engagement and results.

Utilised little-known Emotional Intelligence skills and tools to manage your time, focus, and wellbeing more effectively.

Discovered the ability to use specific leadership skills and self awareness tools to enable your team’s to consistently operate at their best.

Objectively considered constructive feedback from multiple relevant sources and discerned the critical success factors to focus on.

Developed a unique set of skills which enable you to develop, manage and restore high trust relationships quickly.

Learned how to balance 'getting the job done' with enabling colleagues to actually enjoy the journey

A Toolkit you can use in virtually any situation to develop and maintain healthy communication and boundaries.

These are just a few of the many benefits of our 360 degree feedback coaching programme.

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When you undertake the 360 Degree Feedback Coaching programme you will benefit from:

  • Your own EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment report.

  • Initial 2 hour feedback discussion with a Certified EQ-i 2.0 Coach.

  • A value focused and accountable personal development plan.

  • Guidance on how to select 360 feedback raters for best value.

  • EQ 360 assessment report with 2 hour feedback discussion.

  • A second EQ-i 2.0 psychometric assessment to measure progress.

  • 4 hours telephone access to your Summit Coach for 30 days.

  • Self-paced audio learning resources you can listen to at any time.

  • A 60-minute 'check in' call with your Coach after 60 days.

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