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Quality Improvement Training Courses

Lots of businesses promote that they provide 'quality products', but the missing word from this claim is 'high' or 'superior'. How about your business? Does it produce and provide consistently high quality products? Occasionally low quality products? Or perhaps a mixture of both?

I don't ask the questions lightly. Inconsistent quality can damage, even destroy a business' reputation, existence even. If you're old enough to remember entrepreneur Gerald Ratners' supposed joke about the low quality of his jewellery businesses products, you'll recall his brand was destroyed quickly, thousands of employees lost their jobs.

Right First Time, On Time, Every Time Standard

The Right First Time, On Time, Every Time quality standard may initially sound unachievable. I assure you that it's not. It is very achievable. Focus, collaboration, personal ownership and accountability are needed to get it working, and keep it working. It does though become the norm, a rhythm, an easier way of working that can be enjoyed.

The standard is explored in the video below. Watch it, consider how your organisation and teams within it can benefit from actively applying the approach I share with you.

Achieve More In Less Time, Right First Time

The many benefits of successfully implementing a quality improvement initiative such as this include:-

  • You'll achieve more, in less time, right first time.

  • Reduced re-work which always has a financial cost.

  • Greater personal and collective accountability.

  • Improved employee engagement and motivation.

  • Profit margin is protected and positively maximised.

These are just a few of the many benefits. Which organisation doesn't want these and other benefits?

Watch the Video

Grab a pen and notepad so you can make notes as you watch. If you would like to discuss a quality improvement training course with Summit, why not get in touch here?

The facilitation of the leadership training programme was superb
B Al-Azem
 - Head of Human Resources, DHL