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Personal Impact Coaching for Leaders

Personal Impact Coaching for Leaders

The impact of what you communicate, whether in written format or in a face to face dialogue, can be heavily influenced by the words you choose to use. The words and phrases below are focused on a business environment.

The impact the leader creates with their audience heavily influences whether a team, group or whole workforce will emotionally engage (or disengage) with them and either commit to driving the organisation forward, or emotionally withdraw and simply drift along.

Take a look and choose several which may be worthwhile including in your next meeting with colleagues, clients or stakeholders to ethically create a deeper understanding of your message, and lead towards intelligent action.

Remember, these are only words. If used prudently, they can help a communication be more positively impactful. They do need to be used within a wider context though to add any value.

You Get, You Benefit From, Recipe, Results, Flawless, The Secret, Intriguing, Meticulous, Absolutely, Proven Formula, Optimise, Toolkit, Techniques, Significantly, Improve, Optimise, Transform, Maximise, Enhance, Boost, Accomplish, Cultivate, 

Resolve, Uncover, Discover, Know How To, Why To, Remove, Reduce, Stop, Banish, Put And End To, Eradicate, Put An End To…, Resolve, Turn Around, Enhance, Optimise, Address, Simplify, Guarantee, Breathe New Life Into, Engage, Encourage and Enable, 

Avoid, Achieve, You’ll Realise, Success, Gain A Deeper Insight Into…, Unlock, Crack Open, Alleviate, Relieve, Find, Eliminate, Strengthen, Detect, Differentiate, Imagine, 

A Shift In Thinking, Instantly, Instant Results, Halt, Prevent, Get Rid Of, Rid Yourself Of, Stay Ahead Of, Stunning, Create, Master, Always Be/Have, Excel, Fine-Tune, Recover From, Bounce Back, Enjoy, Lose, Easily, The Benefits (for your organisation) Include,

Automatically, Solution, Pacesetter, Trusted, Expert, Count On, Efficiency, Profits, 

Amazed, Outstanding, Asset, Refreshing, Unique, Surpass, Way Ahead Of, Great Value, A Fraction Of The Cost, World-Class, Rigorous, First-Hand, Ground Breaking, Infused With, Proven, 

Optimise, Significantly, Improve, Optimise, Transform, Maximise, Enhance, Boost, Uncover, Discover, Know How To, Why To,
Remove, Reduce, Stop, Banish, Eradicate, Put An End To, Achieve A New Level of…,

Abomination, abstain, absurd, accountable, adept, affinity, affair, affirm, agonise, alienate, align, alleviate, allude, ambiguous, ample, apprehensive, arcane, ascertain, asset, audacity, ambivalent, acrimonious, accomplished, assimilate, ambivalent, accomplished, 

baffle, barrage, blatant, bluff, bombard, bravado, burden, belligerent, bumbling, bouncing, bounding, benefits,

Cater, chastise, cite, complement, cease, candid, comprehensive, condone, conform, comply, conniving, constitute, contradict, contravene, contrary, cavalier, convincing, convinced, convaluted, controversial, cynical, constructed, characteristics, contemplate, comprehend, chemistry, consequence, convinced, convincing, convoluted, cumbersome, credible, curtail, cynical, 

debacle, decipher, delude, deplete, derive, detrimental, devoid, differentiate, diligent, disregard, disservice, dubious, derive, dissatisfaction, determined, deviate, debunk, decisive, definitive, deliberate, deluded, demonstrable, demorialise, depleted, detrimental, devoid, deter, diligent, differentiate, digress, dire, digress, disregard, dubious, diverse, divert, divulge, dwindle, dwell, 

efficient, efficiency, elusive, endorse, endure, enhance, epitomise, eradicate, erode, erratic, espouse, exert, exclude, exempt, exploit, eloquent, eventually, exclusive eventually, embittered, established, effective, elaborate, enticing, eloquent, elusive, elude, embellish, emulate, endorse, endure, entice, epitomise, entail, eradicate, eroding, erratic, espouse, evoke, epitomise, exception, exempt, exert, exploit, exuberance, 

fabricate, facade, fallacy, fallible, falter, flourish, foster, fundamental, FACT, futile, frightening, fascinating, fundamentals, finesse, flourish, fixated, foster, forte, fundamental, futile,

Gregarious, gratuitous, gauge, ghastly, gist, gratify, gratitude, gratify, grim, gullible, haphazardly, hone, habitual, haphazardly, halt, havoc, heed, heap, hinder,

Illustrate, imminent, impaired, impede, implement, imperative, implicit, implore, improve, inconsequential, inconsistent, incorporate, inept, inevitable, ingrain, inhibit, initiate, insist, ironic, impoverished, inherited, integral, Incredulous, incredible, ignorant, imminent, implement, implore, impose, improbable, inane, incentive, incessant, innate, invigorate, innovate, insatiable, insist, intrude, 

jeopardise, justify, laborious, leverage, limitation, liable, lucrative, leverage, liability, limitation, malicious, manifest, maximise, move towards, mediocre, materialise, manifest, merit, meticulous, minuscule, monumental, monotonous, multitude, mundane, motive, magnanimous, monotonous, menace, meticulous, monumental, multitude, naive, negligible, negate, notable, notorious, notoriously, notorious, novice, nurture, new, newly refreshed,

obligation, oblivious, obvious, obscure, obsolete, obstruct, omit, optimal, optimise, ostracise, outspoken, oversimplify, 

permeate, perpetuate, perplexing, persist, plausible, pragmatic, potent, prerequisite, preference, produce, proficient, prolific, promote, provocative, puzzling, pertaining, purport, probing, perplexing, persistence, 

phenomenal, probability, problematic, proficient, profitability, provocative, reaffirm, reap, refute, reconcile, refute, reorganise, rejuvenate, reinforce, robust, recapture, reinforce, reluctant, resent, 

scapegoat, scrutinise, shun, signify, simplify, speculate, squander, stability, security, stifle, startle, stimulate, stipulate, subjective, sub-par, sub-standard, substantial, succumb, suffice, subscribe, superficial, susceptible, sustain, suspicious, superior, systematic, simplistic, simplicity, specify, specification, saturate, simplify, stimulate, superficial, susceptible, 

taint, tangible, tendency, thrive, tirade, torrent, traverse, toil, traverse, troubled, temperament, troublesome, toil, trivial, ultimatum, unsophisticated, unprecedented, unrealistic, unwarranted, unrelenting, unbridled, unfathomable, unprecedented, unforgiving, unrelenting, urge, unproductive, unviable, vulnerable, wallow, warrant, wield, wince, withdraw, withstand, wounded, 

Improved, Enhanced, Refreshed, Refined, Rigorously Tested, World Class Quality, Developed To…, Most Popular, Value Focused, Refined, Improved & Enhanced For Optimal Performance

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The specific outcomes I set for the project were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated.
P Gilroy
 - Head of Community Support Services, Denbighshire County Council