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Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer Certification

This immersive Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer Certification programme is an intellectually challenging and rewarding development opportunity.

Each learning session builds on the previous, ensuring a step by step understanding of concepts, tools, techniques and principles so that you develop genuine technical commence and understanding rather than a surface level of understanding.

This programme partners developing undoubted technical competence with a clear commercial focus too. Whether facilitating training for an audience of leaders, managers, hr, sales or customer service professionals.

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence (Day 1)

  • What Emotional Is and what it isn’t

  • Common misconceptions and how to address them

  • The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

  • How to apply Emotional Intelligence to different audiences

  • The 15 specific EQ Competencies and what they mean

  • How each EQ competency links to others

  • Risks associated with specific competency imbalances

  • Accurately position your learning programmes with both eager and ambivalent audiences

  • Develop your personal credibility as a value-adding Emotional Intelligence Trainer

    Towards the close of day 1, participants will present and demonstrate awareness and retention of key learning points from today’s content.

Experience Emotional Intelligence (Day 2)

  • Experiential learning underpinned with Emotional Intelligence

  • Drawing out specific awareness, realisation and understanding

  • Relating Emotional Intelligence to everyday workplace situations

  • Identifying and strengthening your own Emotional Intelligence competency imbalances

  • How to enable experiential learning rather than intellectual learning

  • The effective use of case studies to enhance learning experience

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making with Emotional Intelligence

Towards the close of day 2, participants will be expected to present their key learning points and successfully undertake a Q&A Session with the facilitator.

Design & Facilitation of Learning (Days 3 & 4)

  • Design results focused, immersive Emotional Intelligence training programmes for different groups

  • Facilitate meaningful learning rather than simply present PowerPoint slides

  • Design relevant exercises with multiple outcomes to draw out specific learning opportunities

  • When to present, when to facilitate, when to coach

  • Facilitating self and group review of learning to embed greater awareness

  • Emotionally Intelligent language to change perceptions and outcomes

  • Create personal ownership of learning application 

  • Successfully transfer learning back the the workplace to achieve long term benefit

  • Emotional Intelligence facilitation skills, tools and techniques to maximise participant learning

  • The process of giving a successful demonstration of Emotional Intelligence in action.

  • Create different learning states for participants to maximise learning value

  • Successfully lead self and group reviews and exercise evaluation

Throughout Days 3 & 4, participants will be expected to design several value-focused, commercially beneficial EQ learnings for a pre-determined (fictional) audience - managers, customer service, sales teams, and demonstrate clearly how the learning design fits with EQ Models, and delivers value for the audience.

Days 3 & 4 are intensive, immersive self learning and facilitated learning days.  The attitude, skills and commitment of participants during these two days are absolutely pivotal in successful certification being awarded.

Certification Assessment & Examination (Day 5)

Participants are assessed throughout the programme, with Day 5 including…

  • Coursework progress review

  • Facilitation of a 30 minute group learning on a pre-determined subject

  • 2-hour closed book examination

*Participants are assessed and graded throughout the whole programme.  Demonstration of competence, commercial awareness, and facilitation skills form an important part of the Certification process.

**To achieve successful certification, the participant must score 70% on the examination.

Find out more about the Emotional Intelligence Train the Trainer Certification programme by calling us on 0845 052 3701.

The specific outcomes I set for the project were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated.
P Gilroy
 - Head of Community Support Services, Denbighshire County Council