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Emotional Intelligence Speaker, Mr Emotional Intelligence®

Based in the United Kingdom, Scott Watson is an in-demand keynote speaker on Emotional Intelligence.

A 23 year practitioner of Emotional Intelligence in the organisational arena, Scott's unique approach to delivering real value to organisations is endorsed by leading global brands as well as charity and owner-managed SME executives.

Check out below the client video testimonial from the UK's Environment Agency leadership conference.

If you are considering booking an Emotional Intelligence Speaker for your conference or in-house event, it's important to consider:-

  1. How credible is the Emotional Intelligence Speaker you are considering?

  2. Has the Speaker demonstrated delivery of consistent value for clients using Emotional Intelligence, or have they read a few books and maybe not to so credible?

  3. Do they have verifiable client testimonials that you are welcome to verify for your own peace of mind?

  4. Will you have to ensure an endless stream of Powerpoint slides or will it be an interactive and fun event?

  5. What key take-aways will you be left with that you and your audience can apply immediately?

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The learning was positively challenging, immersive and precisely focused.
L Frankland
 - CEO, Mansfield Pollard & Co. Ltd