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What Are The Benefits of 360 Degree Coaching For Leaders?

360 degree feedback coaching is a valuable tool for business leaders to improve their self awareness, personal impact, decision making, performance, and refocus and refresh thinking.

Alongside these personal benefits, when done correctly, 360 degree feedback coaching for a leader also equips and enables her or him to better engage with and lead others, as well as develop high trust relationships, or indeed restore relationships which perhaps aren’t as healthy as they may deserve to be.

What are some of the benefits that a value-focused 360 degree feedback coaching?

Better Understanding of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses.

360 degree feedback coaching allows the leader to receive candid, precise feedback from multiple sources, including peers, subordinates, line manager and other stakeholders they interact with. This holistic approach enables the leader to view themselves from a variety of worthwhile perspectives.  The leader may conduct themselves and communicate one particular way within one relationship, but take a completely different approach and standard within another relationship. 

Understanding how s/he operates within different relationships and boundaries can be eye opening for a leader as s/he often doesn’t pay attention to differences such as this.  Gaining greater awareness gives the leader the space to consider how a more consistent and objective approach to relationships may be beneficial.

Increased Self Awareness.

Through 360 degree feedback coaching, the leaders gains a better understanding of their own personal impact, behaviour and decisions positively and negatively can impact others. This enhances self-awareness provides the leader with more choices in how to refine their ‘autopilot’ way of communicating, behaving and collaborating.  

We often find that a leader isn’t consciously aware of the impact they create, especially when they are emotionally charged and focused solely or largely on an outcome being achieved.  This can include, a looming deadline draws nearer on a business critical project but progress is behind schedule, or sales targets aren’t going to be achieved so panic can easily set in.  A leader behaves differently in different situations.  Understanding the ‘autopilot’ setting and then exploring alternative choices can be liberating for the leader, and for their teams too.

Improved Teamwork.

The leader who receives 360 degree feedback coaching quickly becomes better equipped to build and maintain effective, engaged teams.

The leader can invest in developing more high trust, supportive and collaborative relationships, and this enables them to confidently delegate tasks appropriately, work more collaboratively with their team members.  The effective leader delegates trust, authority and responsibility within a clearly established boundary with their counterpart/s.  They also effectively prioritise projects and tasks so that achievement of the goal is realised, and the journey for team members is enjoyable rather than stressful.  

Enhanced Communication Skills.

Effective communication is essential for successful leadership. 360 degree feedback coaching can help the leader identify areas of existing strength, as well as areas where improvements can be made.

The leader is often deemed to be the person colleagues’ listen to first, and most.  Why?  Because s/he is officially the leader.  While it may make sense in one sense, the leader must be able to engage with and invite others to contribute to a discussion.  To question, to challenge, to recommend a solution which the leader may not have even thought of.  To achieve this level of openness and candidness, colleagues at every level have to feel that the leader actively invites and encourages such contributions.

Alongside this, the willingness to initiate a difficult conversation is vital.  There will be a time when candid, precise feedback regarding an issue has to be communicated.  Achieving the healthy balance between providing meaningful feedback, with an invitation to take appropriate action, and not communicating in a way which may feel to the recipient/s as an outright personal attack is important.  360 degree feedback coaching can help the leader achieve this balance.

Increased Motivation and Engagement.

The leader who actively invites and receives regular feedback from team members, peers, stakeholders and their own manager are far more likely to be emotionally engaged with and personally motivated to enjoy and excel in their work. 

360 degree feedback coaching can help the leader to become and remain clearly focused and motivated by providing them not just with specific goals to work towards, but a blueprint to enable step-by-step progress.  All eyes are on the leader.  When team members observe that the leader is committed, engaged and motivated, others tend to willingly follow.  The ripple effect can have a tremendously positive impact not just on relationships, but on the value the team creates too.

360 Degree Feedback Coaching With Summit.

360 degree feedback coaching can be an effective and speedy way for leaders to become more effective, self aware and engaging.

Occasionally, some leaders have concerns about becoming involved in the 360 degree coaching process.  Concerns tend to revolve around confidentiality of the information shared during coaching, appearing potentially weak to peers and subordinates through to the time commitment required.

The good news is there are solutions to overcome each of these concerns and reap the tremendous personal, professional and organisational benefits of 360 degree feedback coaching can deliver.  We always speak to the leader prior to being engaged by the client organisation.  This is to ensure that the leader actually wants to participate and do so willingly.

At Summit Training, we offer 360 degree feedback coaching tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and its leaders. Our highly experienced coaches work with your leaders to develop their skills, increase their self awareness, and optimise the value each leader delivers for your organisation. 

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