Presentation Skills Training

What is the course about?

Whether you need to present your ideas, plans and recommendations or present a difficult message to your employees, this highly interactive Presentation Skills training course will equip you with the time-tested tools, skills and techniques that will maximise your impact and effectiveness as a presenter.

Plus, when you choose a Bespoke programme, you can be personally coached by acclaimed international keynote speaker, Scott Watson.

Who will benefit?

This action-packed course is designed to support you irrespective of your role or position within your organisation. Managers, sales professionals and educators regularly participate on this course to learn how to transform how they communicate and connect with their audience. And maybe you should too if you want to achieve the same outcome?

What you will learn on the course

  1. How to write a powerful first 30 seconds which grabs audience attention 
  2. How to identify your key message you want to communicate to your audience
  3. How to use persuasive language, power words and pauses to create intrigue and reflection 
  4. How to view your presentation through your audience's eyes and identify gaps and ambiguity
  5. How to design, refine and present a powerful presentation which resonates with your audience
  6. How to establish how you want your audience to think, feel or do differently following your presentation
  7. How to use facts, data and research findings to support your recommendation or proposal
  8. When and when not to use slides in your presentation for maximum audience impact
  9. How to boost the impact of your presentation with case studies and stories
  10. How to understand and overcome presentation nerves 
  11. How and when to use props to boost your personal impact and audience participation
  12. Differentiate what you want to present from what your audience really needs or wants to know
  13. How to close your presentation to gain audience commitment, support and action

How will this course benefit your organisation?

More self-confident and technically competent presenters who communicate their message in an engaging, involving way that focuses on serving the audience and motivating intelligent action.


This highly interactive and intellectually challenging one day Presentation Skills training course.


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