Presentation Skills Masterclass

What is the course about?

This advanced Presentation Skills Masterclass is carefully designed to provide you with an immersive, intellectually challenging and worthwhile learning experience. A 2-day modular event, you will learn how to effectively apply a powerful suite of tools, techniques and skills to transform the impact you have on your audience.

Who will benefit from this course?

Participants include busy executives, leaders, in-house trainers and aspiring managers. Ultimately, anyone who is required to present, and present well to an audience will enjoy and benefit this challenging yet fun Presentation Skills Masterclass.

What you will learn on the course

Day One

  1. How to write a powerful first 30 seconds which grabs audience attention 
  2. How to identify your key message you want to communicate to your audience
  3. How to use persuasive language, power words and pauses to create intrigue and reflection 
  4. How to view your presentation through your audience's eyes and identify gaps and ambiguity
  5. How to design, refine and present a powerful presentation which resonates with your audience
  6. How to establish how you want your audience to think, feel or do differently following your presentation
  7. How to use facts, data and research findings to support your recommendation or proposal
  8. When and when not to use slides in your presentation for maximum audience impact
  9. How to boost the impact of your presentation with case studies and stories

Day Two

  1. How to positively position your presentation prior to your event
  2. How to understand and overcome presentation nerves 
  3. How to use rhetorical and precision questions to engage and involve your audience
  4. How and when and when not to use humour 
  5. How to call upon your presenter voice at will
  6. How to respond to hostile audience members and remain on track
  7. How and when to use props to boost your personal impact and audience participation
  8. Differentiate what you want to present from what your audience really needs or wants to know
  9. How to close your presentation to gain audience commitment, support and action
  10. How to organise and manage an effective Q & A session
  11. How to bring it all together to use in your organisation

How will this course benefit you and your organisation?

More technically polished presenters who are able to present complex, sensitive and engaging presentations to an advanced level and move the audience to intelligent action to support your organisation's goals.


This highly interactive and intellectually challenging one day Presentation Skills Masterclass is reinforced with access to our online, invitation-only coaching portal, The Presentation Skills Channel to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

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