Promoting Personal Ownership

What is the course about?

During our discussions with organisational leaders, they often tell us their biggest frustration is ‘People are reluctant to take more ownership of their behaviour and results’.  

With this in mind, we designed an action-packed, one day event to proactively tackle this issue, and maximise individual and collective responsibility and effectiveness.

Who will benefit?

Groups of Managers and Team Leaders who are trusted and expected to deliver meaningful value through others are the most popular audience.  Also, new and established teams who could, and perhaps need, to enhance their individual and collective effectiveness and performance.

What will I learn?

  • How and why to create absolute clarity on performance and accountability expectations
  • Why and how blame and abdication of responsibility damages your team and organisation
  • How to develop a more ‘Response-Able’ attitude and deliver more value
  • What to do when you encounter a reluctance to take personal ownership
  • How to quickly recognise when you find yourself abdicating responsibility
  • The 5 little-known ways to promote and embed new levels of personal ownership in your team
  • How to link higher levels of personal ownership to team and organisational goal achievement

Organisational Benefits

Your organisation can reasonably expect to achieve more in less time and with fewer headaches along the way.

Developing a more accountable, proactive and responsive team environment serves to raise standards, boost productivity and quality which all impact financial performance.


The Promoting Personal Ownership training course is a highly interactive one day event.

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