Bullying and Harassment Training including Sexual Harassment


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What is the course about?

This interactive programme explores how your organisation, and its employees, can build and create a healthier culture and learn the most up-to-date, practical methods to proactively address the issues related to bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment.

Participants will learn how to:-

  • Define bullying & harassment in an employment context and legal context. 
  • Identify and understand different types of bullying and harassment including Sexual, Race, LGBT & Age. 
  • Understand and work within the legal boundaries of employers and employees.
  • Understand the impact specific behaviours and communication can create for others.
  • Establish and communicate a clear and effective grievance and disciplinary procedure.
  • Proactively and correctly respond to complaints relating to bullying and/or harassment. 
  • Improve ways of reporting incidents and accessing help and support to serve employees and your organisation.
  • Positively promote personal responsibility to employees for raising concerns safely.
  • Quickly and accurately identify and challenge inappropriate behaviour within your organisation.

'Summit has become a trusted member of my external network.  Workshops are interactive, well received and with great feedback.'

Group Inclusion and Diversity Manager, The Co-operative Group

Duration: 1 Day or a more in-depth 2 Day event for HR teams.

Facilitation:  Offered virtually or in person, your training programme is facilitated by a Bullying and Harassment subject expert so your organisation achieves best value from its investment. 

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