Bullying & Harassment Training & Policy

Bullying & Harassment Training & Policy

This course is reinforced with up to 90-days access pass to our online, invitation-only Organisational Training coaching portal.

• Consolidates learning.
• Allows users to revisit information learned on the training days at their own pace.
• Provides users with ongoing support in applying the skills that were learned in training to the workplace.

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What is the course about?

Bullying and Harassment training has become an essential development for a growing number of organisational leaders. Emotionally turbulent for employees, and potentially financially costly for your organisation, 

With bullying and harassment cost the UK’s economy more than £2 billion in 2013 alone, it’s easy to understand why the need for and value of bullying and harassment training is being understood in more depth.

Training is a positive first step, but developing a practical, clear bullying and harassment policy for your organisation can add significantly more value, and protection, for both your employees and your organisation too. That is where Summit can help you.

Who will benefit? 

Senior leaders and line managers responsible for ensuring that employees are supported, equipped and enabled to perform effectively, and in an environment where robust performance management partners an understanding of how current legislation governs Bullying and Harassment to protect and serve employers and employees.

What you will learn on the course

You will learn how to protect your organisation and its employees from bullying and harassment issues, understand what constitutes bullying and harassment, and what doesn't.

Your audience will leave this facilitated keynote presentation with a 10 point checklist of how to remain within legal and professional boundaries, how to respond when an allegation of bullying and/or harassment is made by an employee and how to navigate the emotionally turbulent environment which often occurs when allegations are made.

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