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What is the course about?

Extensive research has proven that the best performing leaders and managers possess something more than just technical competence. The difference that makes the difference is Emotional Intelligence.

How many of your leaders, managers and technical specialists could deliver even more value for your organisation if they knew how to engage, enable and equip their team members to actually want to perform at their best? Our Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coaches can help you achieve this.

So you can achieve the best return on your investment, Summit uses the world’s only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence assessment, the EQ-i 2.0.

Who will it benefit? 

Managers and technical specialists who wish, or are required, to boost their effectiveness, maximise their contribution to your organisation and collaborate more effectively with colleagues and stakeholders.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching is especially popular with recently appointed managers, high potential managers and executives.

What you will learn on the course

Emotional Intelligence Coaching is tailored to meet your specific requirements; popular outcomes include:

  1. Proactively supporting a manager to transition in to their new role
  2. Balancing technical expertise with human skills to maximise team engagement and performance
  3. Enabling a technical expert who prefers working alone to embrace working as part of a wider team
  4. Supporting an executive leader to make better decisions and build a high performing team
  5. How to manage yourself, stress and mental focus more effectively
  6. Bringing a new team of leaders or managers together to hit the ground running
  7. Reviewing how a current group of leaders can boost collective effectiveness

How will this course benefit your organisation?

Removal of silo working habits, greater collaboration and problem solving capability, more engaged teams, higher productivity, improved self management capability, fewer financially costly errors, improved financial performance, more credible and trusted leaders and managers. To see how other organisations have benefited from this course, see our Case Studies and Results.


Emotional Intelligence Coaching is facilitated as a one day session with one of our Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coaches and is reinforced with up to 90-days' access pass to our online, invitation-only Emotional Intelligence coaching portal. The portal is worth £79 per person and will help to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

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