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Due to an expansion in the HR and Payroll Services leading to teams consisting of experienced and new staff, HR managers wanted to enable those teams to do an already excellent job even better by learning practical, proven approaches to maximising customer satisfaction.

  • Centralisation of the HR and Payroll Services function to a contact centre facility had resulted in an absence of face to face contact which was uncomfortable and untested.
  • New processes and computer systems created an additional challenge which staff feared would damage their ability to serve their internal customers.
  • An inconsistent quality of service across the company’s European sites was causing complaints, errors and damaging the department’s morale.


Summit designed and delivered a bespoke and innovative 1-day customer service training programme in Leeds to help team members in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Germany enhance their customer satisfaction and relationships building skills. Client improvements included:

  • Shared understanding of and commitment to new ways of working to deliver consistently excellent customer service.
  • A significant reduction in financially costly errors and delays in delivering the required level of service to customers.
  • A consistent level of service delivery across the company’s four European sites through sharing of best practice and process improvement.

Client Feedback

“Our employees and customers have seen the positive benefits of the customer service training, and I would recommend Summit to organisations that are looking for a training customer service training solution that is tailored to their specific needs, that engages employees and which has a tangible impact on the organisation.”

Gillian Henderson
HR Manager,
GE Employee & Financial Services

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Posted by on November 5, 2014