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Inconsistent approaches to delivering customer service and a growing number of customer complaints led to the Managing Director investing in bespoke customer service training.

Poor and inconsistent levels of customer service were being delivered due to staff never having been trained on what excellent customer service actually looked like, or explored how it could be consistently delivered.


Summit designed and facilitated a bespoke one-day customer service training in Birmingham which was delivered to staff throughout the company.

Exploring how customers view their relationship with the company, and why they actually chose to do business with the company, rather than other providers, set the stage for building specific skills.

Summit equipped participants with a unique set of communication skills which would enable them to confidently and competently serve, collaborate, influence and support customers more effectively and consistently.  Building high-trust relationships based on quality of customer service was also explored in detail.


‘Summit took the time to talk to us and our staff to ensure they understood the requirements from both sides before our customer service training day.  Then they expertly used this information to tailor a customer service training package for us.

Summit provided  thorough customer service training which was presented in a way to make the learning interesting as well as fulfilling our requirements.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Summit to companies that require tailored customer service training to meet their specific needs.’

Company Secretary
Elegance Fashion & Design (UK) Ltd

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Posted by on August 6, 2015