Track Record

With a clear focus on delivering fantastic value to you, rather than delivering a 'training course', Summit's enviable track record includes results such as:

  • Team sales performance increasing by 40%
  • Staff attrition reducing dramatically, saving thousands in recruitment fees
  • Manager productivity improved by 30%
  • £8.2 million worth of customer accounts saved
  • 18% improvement in quality, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • 22% improvement in franchisee sales performance

"The facilitation of the leadership development programme was SUPERB" - Basil Al-Azem, Regional HR Director, DHL Express

So committed are we to providing you and your colleagues with a first-class, thought-provoking and worthwhile learning experience, your financial investment is protected by our no quibble, satisfaction guarantee.

If, by 12pm on the day (or first day) of your event, you feel that Summit has not delivered its quality commitment to you and your organisation, you can call your event to a close. You won't need to pay a single penny for the delivery of your training course.

No client has ever called their event to a halt, or requested a refund of their financial investment. We're sure that if you choose Summit to become your organisation's learning partner, you will see the return on your investment.