Author of 'Win Every Time'

Scott's first book 'Win Every Time - Essential Lessons For Existing And Emerging Leaders' quickly grabbed the attention of business leaders and HR bosses. 

Focusing on developing new standards rather than simply 'skills', the book resonated with readers who, despite having invested in training and development programmes, had realised little if any return on their investment. Scott's book invited and encouraged business leaders to divert their focus, and develop enduring, resilient leaders, managers and teams.

Scott's forthcoming book 'People Management 2. Uh...Oh!', due for publication in April 2015, provides under pressure managers with a proven, powerful toolkit they can use to instantly improve their personal effectiveness, and the results their team achieve.

"Scott Watson clearly understands how Managers actually learn to learn" - John Thompson, Emeritus Professor, the University of Huddersfield


To share his expertise, knowledge and tools with a wider audience, Scott recorded a series of audio programmes to support leaders, managers and teams to maximise their effectiveness and results.

With each audio programme being just 60 minutes duration, each provides the tools, tips and techniques you need to improve performance, and results.

Mobile Management Guru

Developed to provide managers with 'On Demand' coaching support, Mobile Management Guru includes a library of more than 70, bite-size, subject specific video and audio casts to boost personal and team effectiveness. Accessible 24/7 via any internet-enabled device, Mobile Management Guru continues to prove a big hit with managers who are committed to achieving excellence.