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Why Do You need emotionally intelligent managers?

  • Often Managers are promoted to this role not because they have demonstrated any competence, desire or willingness to achieve results through others, but because they have excelled in a completely different, unrelated role.

    This well-intentioned, but fundamentally flawed approach to recruitment and appointment, can leave new managers with a significant level of uncertainty about what to do, how to do it, and how to stay out of the boss’s bad books, alongside the initial excitement of securing the role, and possible promotion and the benefits this brings them.

  • Many Managers tell me that they believe that they are expected to always know the answer to the issues which arise; always expected to know how to deal with the individual who is not performing to the required standard, and deal with conflict between colleagues within their teams. Often, they don’t know how to do any of this, apart from how they ‘think’ would be best.

    This can lead to isolation and a fear that if they initiate a dialogue about addressing an issue, it is likely to make the situation worse, so nothing gets said. Then nothing changes! Understanding the need for and value of effective, flexible and indeed assertive communication is vital if a Manager is to become not just confident, but competent in dealing with the inevitable bumps which are likely to arise throughout their career, and within their teams.

  • Managing Upwards and developing a genuinely trusting, collaborative and value-focused relationship with their own boss continues to be one of the biggest challenges Managers tell me they face. “How do I please the boss?” is partnered with “How do I avoid annoying my boss?” thinking.

    This thinking is based on the human brain’s desire to avoid pain. To survive! But it’s not a healthy place for a relationship to remain. Clarifying at the outset, boundaries, standards, expectations and perhaps even personal values can be a brilliant way for a Manager, and their own Line Manager to establish how the relationship will develop, be nourished, and focused on delivering genuine value, rather than simply completing tasks and keeping those ‘plates spinning’.

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The specific outcomes I set for the project were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated.
P Gilroy
 - Head of Community Support Services, Denbighshire County Council