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Management training for councils

Management Training is currently being heavily invested in by a number of local Councils in England and Wales.

The ongoing challenges related to managing remote teams successfully, mental health awareness and how managers can manage themselves, their focus, their efforts, their energy more effectively are all on the agenda.

Important factors which influence your Council's ability to achieve the best possible return on its investment in Management Development training, and achieve sustainable improvements in focus areas long after the management training has concluded are:-

  1. Designing an outcome-focused management training programme which aims to deliver value, not just information or skills.

  2. Positively positioning the personal and professional value of the management training with participants - who may deem training as a distraction, not an investment.

  3. Plan in advance of the management training the top 3 skills, tools each learner would benefit from learning and practising, so they can get a head start when they return to your workplace.

  4. Hold a brief discussion with each participant within 48 hours of their management training to establish not just what s/he learned, but how you can support her or him in successfully and consistently applying their learning day to day.

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The specific outcomes I set for the project were delivered much more quickly than I anticipated.
P Gilroy
 - Head of Community Support Services, Denbighshire County Council