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- Why approach Summit?


An incubator for tech-based business start-ups, the client found that although its leaders each had individual high-level technical expertise, the rapid growth of the business had not afforded them the time to invest in developing themselves into a cohesive and effective leadership team. Without collaboration between leaders, there was no shared understanding around what the overall priorities of the business were, and the best ways to achieve them. It was recognised that closer working relationships across the leadership team would not only lead the business to success but also long-term stability, by allowing leaders to establish systems, processes, and ways of working that would secure organic growth for the organisation into the future.

After such a long time apart it was great to be back with the whole team again (in a Covid secure way) for such a valuable event.
C. Proctor
 - Chief Operating Officer
- How Summit can help

The solution

A tailored one-day leadership development training course for the leadership team, which focused on:

When to work independently and when collaborative cross-department working is more effective.

The importance of having clarity regarding the organisation’s key priorities and how to deliver them.

How to encourage healthy disagreement to improve the leadership team’s understanding of an issue and help them make better decisions for the business.

Why Emotional Intelligence is a vital leadership skill and how it can be developed for the benefit of leaders, employees, and the business as a whole.

We all learnt so much, had time to reflect individually and as a team and think about any changes we want to make moving forward.
C. Proctor
 - Chief Operating Officer

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