Assertiveness Training

What is the course about?

Are there times when some of your employees don’t speak up, even though it could be beneficial for your organisation if they did?

Assertiveness training with Summit doesn’t just focus on traditional ‘skills development’; it focuses on emotional intelligence skills development and language patterns which provide a completely refreshing and holistic approach to developing more assertive, collaborative communicators.

Who will benefit?

Our Assertiveness Training course is especially popular with Customer Service and Sales teams, but is relevant and beneficial to any employees who deal with potentially sensitive or volatile situations.

What you will learn on the course

  1. How and why assertive communication is often mistaken for aggressive communication
  2. Why lack of assertiveness is a learned behaviour, and how to learn new approaches
  3. How to differentiate submissive, assertive and aggressive behaviour in yourself and others
  4. When to switch from collaborative to assertive behaviour and communication styles
  5. How to reduce conflict and lower the emotional climate when no agreement appears possible
  6. Advanced language patterns which boost your impact, maximise collaboration and encourage your counterpart to actively pay attention to you
  7. How to influence and negotiate more effectively towards a win-win outcome (where possible)


Our Assertiveness Training course is a highly interactive one-day event with an Accredited Summit Facilitator.

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