Managing Remote Teams Successfully

Who will benefit? 

Managers of remote teams who need to optimise remote team effectiveness, reduce quality issues and communication problems and improve team performance and results.

What will you learn?

  • How to successfully introduce a communication strategy that engages team members
  • How to manage quality, efficiency and productivity more proatively
  • How to agree performance standards and promote personal ownership of work
  • How to address poor performance issues effectively by telephone and email
  • How to structure one to one and group meetings that add genuine value to the team
  • How to ensure that deadlines are achieved more often and more effectively
  • How to develop mutual trust and genuine collaboration throughout the team
  • How to delegate effectively and ensure that goals are achieved on time
  • How to bring it all together to use in your organisation

Organisational Benefits

Clarity on and shared commitment to your organisation’s most important goals, less wasted and duplicated effort, improved quality, collaboration, enhanced financial performance, structured performance coaching, more projects delivered on time at lower financial cost.

See our Case Studies and Results for information on how we've helped existing clients.


1 action-packed day with optional reinforcement coaching.

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