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What is the session about?

Why not give your managers an opportunity to experience a hands-on introduction to emotional intelligence?

A thought-provoking, highly interactive one-day Emotional Intelligence taster session that provides an interesting, worthwhile and action-focused overview of what emotional intelligence actually is, why it matters so much in your organisation, how it impacts your performance (good and bad) and how you can actively enhance the emotional climate within your team and organisation.

The Emotional Intelligence Training Taster Session will introduce you and your colleagues to the very real benefits of introducing and applying Emotional Intelligence skills, tools and techniques in your organisation.

Key subjects covered include how to:

  • Develop greater self awareness and boost your personal impact
  • Manage your mental focus and emotions more proactively to reduce stress
  • Improve your ability (and willingness) to try new things in an ever-changing workplace
  • Boost your emotional resilience and bounce back from setbacks and disappointment more quickly
  • Be a more flexible and influential communicator in virtually any workplace situation

Steering clear of theory, the Emotional Intelligence Training Taster Session is an involving, hands-on and thought-provoking exploration of how you personally, and your team collectively, can achieve new levels of effectiveness and performance.

The Emotional Intelligence Training Taster Session is an ideal introduction to how your organisation can optimise the effectiveness and engagement of its workforce. This programme has received rave reviews from clients in a wide range of industry sectors and now you can benefit too. To see what other organisations thought of our courses, see Case Studies and Results.

The Emotional Intelligence Training Taster Session is ideal for leaders and managers at all levels who have not previously been exposed to emotional intelligence.

Participants come away with an action plan to make specific changes and improvements, and the session is suitable for groups of 6 to 20.

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