Managing Remote Teams Training Course


Previously used to office-based working which allowed for easy communication and collaboration between employees, all staff had to move quickly and without warning to remote working in order to comply with government guidelines around home working in the coronavirus pandemic. With the workforce unaccustomed to the unique challenges of working in remote teams, the ability to make decisions was suffering, and with it, the team’s ability to make good progress in their work.

The client needed a way to improve communication between staff to both increase productivity and protect employees’ mental wellbeing by ensuring they did not become overwhelmed with constant floods of emails in need of attention. It was also necessary to develop an effective way to manage individual and collective performance without in-person contact.


Two half-day events focused on communication, exploring:

  • How a more elegant use of language can bring clarity and ease to communication.
  • How using meetings to offer support to colleagues can reduce feelings of isolation and boost team morale.
  • How a change in the team’s culture can allow for candid and constructive discussion about team blind spots.
  • How to find a healthy balance between proactive people management to avoid perceived micro management
  • How to achieve more, in less time, right first time through effective planning, dialogue, shared understanding and intelligent action

The events were spaced one week apart to allow time for the team to apply the first session’s learning and discuss the results with us afterwards.


“My Leadership Team and I had a very clear knowledge gap that we wished to address – with the support of Summit Consulting & Training Ltd and their flexible approach to learning they were able to not only meet our needs but exceed them.

The use of Language is paramount for virtual working to be a success, Summit Consulting & Training Ltd, helped us explore this; my colleagues and I have absolutely reaped the rewards since.”

Take a look at our How To Manage Remote Teams More Successfully training course here.

Posted by on April 4, 2021