Easton & Otley College - Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers

The College had experienced a period of significant change following the imposed merger of two specialist agricultural colleges.

Many managers had been promoted to their management role largely because they excelled in a specific subject area rather than because they had demonstrated any desire to or competence in managing individuals or a group effectively.

This gap in technical know-how manifested in unclear standards, vague objectives, uncertainty regarding relationship boundaries and a collective mindset of survive rather than thrive.  Organisational and departmental performance, employee motivation and student engagement were all suffering. The College Chief Executive was eager to support Managers and teams to address the issues they could address, and find a more productive, healthy and engaging way of working within and across teams.

Summit Training was appointed to develop and facilitate management training courses underpinned with specific Emotional Intelligence skills development, partnered by a proven, practical toolkit of self management, people management and relationship management approaches.

Audiences, including the College’s senior leadership team, mid-level managers and Human Resources enjoyed a series of one day and two day management development training courses were developed and delivered to explore specific challenges, and solutions to those challenges.

“Due to the event being positioned as ‘Emotional Intelligence for Managers’ with the 30 participants, there was initial scepticism at the start of the event. This scepticism soon abated though due to the facilitators ability to quickly and collaboratively get everyone engaged and actively involved in their learning.

Managers gained insight into many aspects of self and people management including the impact that their own emotional state has on those around them, how to manage stressful situations more effectively, communicate with greater confidence and even prepare for and successfully facilitate a ‘tough talk’ with a win-win outcome in mind.

In addition to the people and relationship management aspects of the course, the importance of being more aware of and taking greater care of our own mental wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of colleagues and students was explored.

The Emotional Intelligence training for Managers event was very positive and extremely well received by all those who attended. Uniquely in my 20+ years of experience, this was the first time every participant personally thanked, and shook hands with, the Facilitator at the end of the day, which gave an indication of just how well this training was received.”

Human Resources Manager
Easton & Otley College

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Posted by on March 29, 2021