Post Training Support

Have you ever participated in a training course, enjoyed it and learned lots of valuable skills and tools, but never really applied them back in your workplace? Ouch!

Too many training courses fail to add real value because the transfer of skills and knowledge doesn't happen. Participants may feel motivated, energised and committed to applying their new skills, but all too easily, forget to do it.  And that's an expensive mistake for you and your organisation.

Not only can Summit show you how to successfully transfer and embed the learning in your organisation so you achieve long-lasting improvements and change, you can also select an option to reinforce your learning and skills and actively maintain motivation and commitment through our 'Learn On Demand' online coaching portal. Packed with more than 100 bite-size audio and video casts, learners can access this portal 24/7 via any internet-enabled device. Ultimately, they can learn 'On The Go'!

Why not speak with a member of our expert team to explore how your organisation can benefit from our expert input?