Online Resources

To ensure that you achieve a genuine return on your investment in training your people, Summit developed a range of cutting-edge online training and coaching resources.

Our 'Learn on Demand' solutions can be accessed via any internet-enabled device, 24/7 for the period of your subscription. The key benefits for you and your colleagues is, you and your colleagues are:-

  • You enjoy instant access to the programmes when you want to or need to.
  • Because content is regularly updated, you continue to learn long after your training course.
  • It only costs pennies per day per user, so you make a significant financial saving.
  • Your team members can use the content as part of Action Learning or Coaching projects.

Mobile Management Guru

Emotional Intelligence Channel

5 Star Customer Service 

Dynamic Teamwork

You and your colleagues may also wish to invest in one or more of our selection of 60-minute audio programmes including...

CD covers can be shown here...

10 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement

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