About Emotional Intelligence

Extensive research in to human behaviour identified that how a person manages his or her emotions, is the most accurate predictor of how ‘successful’ s/he may be in their chosen field of expertise.

For many years, the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) was widely accepted as the most accurate predictor of ‘success’ for a human being. This long held belief was questioned in the early 1990′s when research in to what became known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was undertaken by a group of respected academics and linked to the organisational arena.

Developing Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies is especially important for individuals appointed to leadership and management role. Often these individuals are appointed, not because they have demonstrated any track record or potential to lead teams effectively, but more because they were ‘excellent technicians’ in a previous role.

Emotional Intelligence serves to partner and complement technical competence with a series of valuable, and indeed, deeply human skills that will enable individuals, teams and organisations to perform optimally on a consistent basis.

Think of it this way...

Does your organisation:

  • Employ leaders and managers who were appointed because they were ‘excellent technicians’ but they may be struggling to engage and motivate their team members to deliver their best performance?
  • Have departments and teams that tend to work in their own silo rather than collaborate across teams to deliver more value, in less time, with fewer headaches and at lower cost?
  • Value Employee Engagement highly, but is shocked and/or disappointed by the results your employee survey produces?
  • Tend to focus mainly on the achievement of key tasks and outcomes, but can sometimes lose focus on equipping, enabling and supporting your team members to actually enjoy the process?

If any or all of the above strike a chord with you, it is likely that you and your colleagues will benefit greatly from exploring how developing Emotionally Intelligent Managers and Teams can add significant value to your organisation, its people, its stakeholders and indeed, your customers.


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