Customer Service Training

Who will benefit?

Customer service teams who want to learn the skills, tools and techniques that can consistently deliver genuine excellence to customers.

Where is this course held?

Our customer service training courses are held throughout the UK, including; London, Leeds, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

What will we learn?

  • How to assess your current attitude and commitment to delivering excellent service 
  • Why and how to view your current performance from a customer’s perspective
  • How to quickly understand your customer’s most important needs and wants
  • How to maximise your personal impact and build high trust quickly
  • Lead conversations effectively and seamlessly towards positive outcomes
  • Use subtle questioning to place the customer in a positive emotional state
  • How to avoid sounding scripted, automated and false
  • How to use excellent customer service as a sales-generation tool
  • How to ethically influence your customers to recommend your organisation to others
  • How to communicate confidently and assertively during emotionally charged situations

Organisational Benefits

Enhanced focus on delivering customer satisfaction, greater personal ownership of quality and productivity, speedier resolution of customer complaints, greater trust for your organisation.


A hands-on and thought-provoking 1 day course which is reinforced with up to 90-days' access pass to our online, invitation-only Team Development coaching portal. The portal is worth £79 per person and will help to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

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