Amazing Customer Care Training

What is the course about?

This hands-on customer service training course has been carefully designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the very real financial pitfalls of delivering poor customer service, and the very real benefits of delivering excellent customer service.

Participants will learn by being actively involved throughout in a variety of team challenges, group discussions, and exploration of actual customer service case studies - both brilliant and abysmal.

Who will benefit?

Customer Service professionals and Customer Service Managers operating in any industry. This course has proved very popular with clients operating in the retail, education and hospitality sectors.

What will I learn?

  • The key differences between ‘Amazing’ and ‘Average’ customer service 
  • How your attitude to customer service either helps or hurts your organisation’s financial performance
  • How and why buyers choose your organisation rather than your competitors
  • How to produce solutions to even the most challenging complaint or challenge
  • How to initiate and ethically reinforce trust in your brand a
  • Three no-cost, practical ways to boost customer trust and loyalty
  • Lazy language and how you can unwittingly damage customer experience and trust 
  • Precision language and how you can reinforce and boost your brand’s credibility

Organisational Benefits

A more structured, streamlined, consistent and more cost effective approach to consistently delivering excellent customer service, which inspires trust, collaboration and can boost the credibility of your brand.


The Amazing Customer Service Training course is an interactive one day event which is reinforced with up to 90-days' access pass to our online, invitation-only Team Development coaching portal. The portal is worth £79 per person and will help to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

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