Micro Expressions Training

What is the course about?

You probably know that the vast majority of the impact of people’s communication is non-verbal. This includes body language, about which most of us have learned many half-truths, and one of the most interesting and useful aspects of non-verbal communication are facial cues, so-called micro expressions.

If you have ever watched the tv drama series “Lie to Me”, you will be aware of the concept of accurately identifying and reading unconscious movements in people’s faces which last only up to 1/25th of a second.

There are many reasons why you may wish to learn how to read these Micro Expressions in the business arena.

As a leader or manager, you may wish to accurately identify whether your message is being greeted with authentic happiness, or veiled contempt.  As a sales professional, you may wish to learn when, and when not to, present your price.  As a human resources professional, when investigating allegations of bullying and/or harassment, you may wish to identify concealed emotions, authentic emotions and fake emotions so you can progress the discussion in a structured and objective manner.

The benefits of learning Micro Expressions are endless.  You will enjoy far more authentic, meaningful and win-win relationships, be able to creatively divert or refocus dialogue which is getting off-track and, become a far more effective influencer, negotiator and mediator.

About Your Micro Expressions Trainer

Micro Expressions Training presenter Scott Watson is a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer, recipient of an ‘Expert Level’ Certificate in Advanced Micro Expressions in addition to being an acknowledged authority and popular keynote speaker in the Emotional Intelligence arena.

Duration: 1 day (minimum group size is 6 people).

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