Mental Health First Aid Training Course

What is the course about?

The Mental Health First Aid course is not intended to teach you how to be a therapist or coach.  It is intended to enable you to become an effective Mental Health First Aider who can provide immediate, compassionate and structured support to colleagues within your organisation, and indeed outside of your workplace too.

Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised training programme specifically designed to enable you to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health in your organisation and provide practical support on a mental health first aid basis. 

A growing number of organisations are choosing to undertake this accredited training programme to: -

*Develop an in-house capability to proactively support mental health and well-being in their workplace.

*Partner organisational health and well-being policy with a practical mental health toolkit.

*Promote greater employee awareness of mental health and specialist in-house support available.

*Enable Managers to appreciate how mental health impacts individual and collective engagement and effectiveness.

What you will learn on the course

This interactive two-day training course is ideal for HR professionals, Occupational Health practitioners, Leaders and Managers who wish to: 

*Develop a deeper understanding of the issues that impact and relate to employees’ mental health and well-being.

*Learn proven, practical skills that can be used every day in your organisation to maintain healthy levels of mental health.

*Learn how to accurately spot signs and symptoms of mental health issues in self and colleagues.

*Feel confident and competent in guiding colleagues (without judgment) to appropriate support resources.

*Learn how to demonstrate non-judgmental listening when supporting colleagues.

How will this course benefit you and your business?

Understanding how to effectively support employees who are experiencing prolonged periods of stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions can deliver significant value to your organisation.  This understanding serves to create and maintain a work environment which reflects your commitment to authentically supporting each and every staff member as human beings rather than just employees.

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