Entrepreneurial Management

What is the course about?

Developing technically competent, emotionally intelligent managers who can lead by example, maximise motivation and achieve or exceed your organisation’s targets is critical.

The common misconception is that entrepreneurial managers are self-styled, ego driven risk takers who achieve their results without a second thought for stakeholders, peers and team members; nothing could be further from the truth!

Entrepreneurial managers, when developed and supported effectively can:

  • Lead organisational change more confidently and effectively than peers
  • Identify specific areas for exploration and development to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness
  • Accept greater personal ownership of performance for them personally and their teams
  • Critically identify, manage and reduce risk 
  • Work autonomously and as part of a self-directed team to deliver your organisation’s priorities and goals
  • Achieve more, in less time, often with fewer financially costly errors and at a superior quality

How will this course benefit you your organisation?

Even with the UK’s economic climate thawing a little, the need for entrepreneurial managers cannot be overstated. Empirical research has repeatedly proved that managers who possess an entrepreneurial streak can add significantly more value to an organisation than those who don’t. Would you like your organisation to develop entrepreneurial managers?

Summit’s expert team are popular entrepreneur mentors and coaches at a growing number of UK universities. Our extensive experience in developing high performing managers, and credible entrepreneurs provides a potent mix of research, development and successful implementation of how to maximise the effectiveness of your managers, and deliver even more value for your organisation.

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