Keynote Speakers

Do you want to collaborate with a keynote speaker who can educate, entertain, and engage your people to explore different ways of thinking, working, and communicating to boost your organisation's performance?

Thought provoking, incisive and entertaining, our 60-minute keynote presentations can help your colleagues to change their mindset, refocus their energy, and move them towards the achievement of your organisation’s most important goals.

There's no boring theory, complex psychobabble, Powerpoint slides or 'Look how great we are' rubbish. Your audience will laugh while they learn a series of practical, time-tested, easy to use tools, skills and techniques that they can feel more empowered, more motivated and more engaged. 

Every keynote speaker is a subject specialist, Member of the Professional Speakers Association, and has presented a minimum of 100 keynote speeches for clients.  

What subjects can be covered?

  1. How to develop an emotionally intelligent organisation
  2. How to develop high performing, results-focused teams
  3. How to transform customer service to customer satisfaction
  4. How  to boost employee engagement, commitment and motivation
  5. How to deal with organisational change in times of turbulence

How will this course benefit your business?

A more focused, motivated and committed workforce who can deliver even more value for your organisation.


Keynote speakers are available for your event with a minimum audience number of 30 people. Keynote presentations are between 60 and 90 minutes duration, are highly interactive and designed to match your specific requirements.

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