Employee Engagement Development

What is the course about?

Employee Engagement is more than just a fashionable phrase. For high performing organisations of all sizes, it's an organisational imperative.

If you want to equip, enable and encourage your employees, at all levels, to consistently perform at, or very near their best, exploring how Employee Engagement can help you achieve this is a positive first step.

Two major factors which influence the level of emotional engagement employees experience are:

  • The meaning the employee attaches to his or her work.
  • The quality of support from and relationship with their Line Manager.

It is perhaps easy to understand why employees will perform better when they actually enjoy doing their job. Those individuals who connect a sense of personal meaning to their role tend to be more emotionally engaged than those who don’t. Just loving your job isn’t enough to maintain employee engagement.

The quality of relationship between Line Manager and team member is a significant factor in Employee Engagement levels. Were some of your Managers promoted not because they had demonstrated any people management potential, but because they were excellent technicians, in a non people management role?  

A key challenge for many people managers is transitioning from a role with sole responsibility to one with managing others. The absence of Emotional Intelligence skills such as self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship skills are a key factor in engaging or disengaging employees. This is where Summit’s expert team can help you and your organisation.

Who will benefit? 

Organisational leaders, HR professionals and line managers who wish to equip, enable and encourage employees to deliver even more value for your organisation, and actually enjoy the journey.

What you will learn

Summit’s Employee Engagement solutions include:-

  1. Employee Engagement Masterclasses
  2. Employee Engagement Audit
  3. Employee Engagement Keynote Presentation
  4. Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  5. Emotional Intelligence 360 Degree Assessments
  6. Employee Engagement Espresso Learning Sessions

How will this course benefit your organisation?

A deeper understanding of how you can enable your employees to want to perform optimally and deliver more value for your organisation and turn around low motivation and performance more quickly effectively.

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