The Emotionally Intelligent Organisation

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What is the course about?

The role Emotional Intelligence plays in enhancing organisational performance is now being acknowledged in empirical research from respected academic institutions.

Once viewed by many leaders as ‘touchy feely’ and ‘the latest fad’, Emotional Intelligence has now become acknowledged as a powerful enabler of employee engagement, management effectiveness, customer satisfaction and, developing high-trust relationships in the sales environment.

Summit solutions include

  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Keynote Presentations
  • Emotional Intelligence Consultancy
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Psychometrics

How will this course benefit your organisation?

  • Enhanced financial performance
  • Greater employee loyalty and commitment
  • Higher levels of emotional engagement
  • Lower levels of short-term staff absenteeism
  • Reduced silo working which stifles creativity, collaboration and efficiency
  • Improved quality and fewer financially costly errors
  • Fewer complaints relating to bullying and harassment
  • A healthier emotional climate which inspires commitment
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention
  • Fewer performance management issues which eat up management time

Summit’s leadership team members are all acknowledged authorities in Emotional Intelligence. Each has a minimum of 15 years experience in successfully developing and implementing Emotional Intelligence development and change projects in the organisational arena.

This course is reinforced with up to 90-days' access pass to our online, invitation-only Emotional Intelligence coaching portal. The portal is worth £79 per person and will help to successfully embed the learning in your organisation.

To find out how our courses have benefited other organisations, see our Case Studies and Results.

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