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Team Building 2 Day Event A

This programme was designed for a client who had a business agenda to address during a two-day programme, in addition to a team-building element.Since this was programme included an overnight, we have also shown samples of evening activities we can provide.

The following aims and objectives were identified as important to the team:

Have fun together; Support and trust;Recharge the team; Superb Team-Building Opportunity leading to better Team Performance; Increase creativity, productivity, co-operation and collaboration; Team communication; Recognition of performance; Improved understanding of our vision and goals; To motivate the team; Create and experience success together;

Team Building Day 1

    • 09.30 Meet/Coffee
    • 10.00 Facilitators Introduction (purple coloured font = Summit),
      Input from client organisation.
    • 10.30 Ist Work Session – by client organisation
    • 11.00 Morning Summary and Forward Plan
    • 12.00 Lunch (informal)
    • 13.00 Option A Team building Exercise: Pandora’s Box
      The team is commissioned to complete a mixed bag of tasks – some mental, some physical. The more successful they are, the more Summit pounds they earn.No two tasks are the same. Delegates will have to focus upon a whole host of skills and adapt their approach accordingly. The tasks are designed to be stimulating, ingenious, challenging, action-packed and fun.As you can imagine, the whole exercise requires careful planning in order to generate the maximum return.The resulting ‘overload’ of conflicting needs presented to the team is often a mirror of the pressures encountered in the work place.In particular, it highlights natural behaviors, given a non-hierarchical structure, and the importance of maintaining a communication process throughout. It provides situations which may tempt some members to become involved in areas outside their remit.Option B Team Building Exercise: Pipe Dreams – Outdoor Activity
      Pipe Dreams relies on collaboration, co-operation, communication and a real community spirit.The team is commissioned by a customer (a member of the Summit team) to design, construct, install and operate a robust ‘ball delivery system’ within a tight time frame.

      This is a large project so it needs to be delivered through six work stream teams, each responsible for a part of the system. The customer has some specific requirements that need to be met and so each team will fulfil the specifications pertinent to their section of the system.

      The task also requires decision-making in terms of investing in resources in order to generate the best return for the customer. Plus there are satellite tasks where the teams can earn more money to invest in their system.

    • 15.30 Break
    • 15.45ReviewKey Learning Points
    • The importance of planning and thinking beyond the most obvious and immediate task in hand.
    • The value of consistent communication and feedback with regard to maintaining relationships and motivation.
    • The importance of understanding the ‘bigger picture’ in order to know how your role can best add value.
    • The importance of agreeing key performance standards.
    • Having interaction processes to help your team achieve greater cohesion – especially if working apart.
    • Actions Arising
      Action planning session to ensure that ideas are carried forward to the next day
    • 17.00 Summary of the Day
    • 19.00 Evening Options

      Option A: Vintage Stakes

      This option would mean that rather than have an after-dinner entertainment, they would have a pre-dinner entertainment, which takes about an hour. This option gives delegates the opportunity to relax and meet informally after dinner.

      Vintage Stakes involves your delegates in a challenge of the palate, which is guaranteed to blow the cork on the mystique surrounding the world of wine.

      Following an introduction and some tips from our wine ‘expert’ the delegates form teams and will have the opportunity to sample a selection of intriguing wines.

      There are a number of rounds comprising challenges, such as guessing the country of origin or the value of the bottle. Teams will place bets on the accuracy of their judgments, ‘chips’ being won and lost, on a specially designed Vintage Stakes Roulette Table, at the end of each round. Visual creativity is tested with the most ‘appealing’ label design. In addition, each team is required to present a ‘Jilly Goolden’ description, which is always received by much mirth and applause.

      At the end of the event the ‘chips’ become the currency for an auction of mystery wines. Hidden in boxes, the prizes are displayed and described. Then it is up to the delegates to decide which lot is the brace of quality wines and which is the matching pair of ‘party plonk specials’? Could it be the intriguing box that contains the Late Bottled Vintage Port or is it a standard Ruby Port?. and is the half case of wine from Estonia or Eastern Australia? The choice is theirs! Only when the hammer falls for the last time is the true identity of each prize revealed.

      Option B: Murder Mystery

      This option would mean that delegates are involved throughout their meal working as teams on their dinner tables to guess ‘who done it?’. It usually takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours. You can also opt to dress for an era/theme around which the story is based eg. twenties.

      Delegates are introduced to the ‘murder mystery theme’ and made aware that they are teams of detectives on active service. They meet a variety of suspicious characters and witness actions which lead them to discover the inevitable body!!

      Starters are served.

      The Murder Unfolds

      The murder team act out various scenes leading up to the murder, giving the delegates a number of clues to help them during their investigation.

      Main Course is served.

      Investigations Commence

      The MC will work with the guests guiding them through the clues and examining their individual progress… helping or hindering?!

      More information gradually becomes available on the “Murder”, and delegates have the opportunity to study background information on suspects and start piecing clues together. Teams start to question key witnesses and suspects.

      Dessert is served.

      The Plot Thickens

      The investigation is hotting up and the teams are continually given more information. The more clues they manage to crack, the better.

      Coffee and Liqueurs are served.

      Conclusion and Finale

      Summations must be deduced before the final curtain is drawn over the mystery. The detectives have to produce answers to three questions: Who committed the murder? How did they do it? What was their motive?

      The final scene is played by the actors, showing exactly what happened on the night of the murder. The murderer is revealed.

      The winning team receive their prize for exceptional investigative powers.

      Option C: Casino

      This option would require dinner to be finished by 9pm to make the most of the facilities. There also needs to be a large enough area to set up the equipment.

      Who can resist the temptation to live the life of James Bond for an evening? Indeed, if guests choose to dress for the occasion, it can really add to the atmosphere.

      Everyone receives ‘fun money’ to gamble with, and the casino manager and croupiers are happy to explain the rules to anyone who has not ventured into a casino before. Most games are quick and easy to learn and we will advise on which games to choose first.

      We would recommend at least three of the following five games for 32 people:

    • CRAPS (DICE)
    • POKER
    • Option D: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

      This option would take place after dinner, and can be performed in the dining room if needed.

      A team of professional actors take the stage, acting out suggestions from the audience. Your delegates will enjoy a unique 1 – 2 hours entertainment. If you have seen ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ then you will know where we are starting, but no one quite knows where it might end!

      This team are highly recommended and hilarity is guaranteed.

      Option E: Calling The Shots

      Similar format to Vintage Stakes except, rather than a pre-dinner drinks challenge, this is the opposite – an after-dinner drinks challenge! It takes approximately 1.5 hours and can be run in the dining room or a lounge area, if private.

      Following an introduction and some tips from our whisky ‘expert’ your team will have the opportunity to sample a selection. For example: you are encouraged to recognise the difference between a ‘blended’ and ‘malt’ whisky.

      Calling The Shots involves a number of rounds. Each round comprises a challenge, such as guessing the area of origin or the value of the bottle. Your team will place bets on the accuracy of your judgments, ‘chips’ being won and lost at the end of each round, on a specially designed Calling the Shots Roulette Table.

      A water round can be included, to add a different challenge, since quality water is often the chosen accompaniment for ‘water of life’.

      As in Vintage Stakes, Calling the Shots ends in a dramatic climax. After the last round the ‘chips’ become the currency for an auction of mystery bottles. Hidden in boxes, the prizes are displayed and described. For example, it is up to your team to decide which lot contains the brace of quality malts and which is the matching pair of ‘party tipple specials’ (cash and carry own brand whiskies)! Only when the hammer falls for the last time, will the true identity of each prize become known.

      Option F: Grand Prix

      This Giant Scaletrix for adults, brings out the child in everyone! It recreates the thrills and spills of Formula One racing using replicas of the real thing.

      The automatic lap counters make it easier to see if your team are winning (or not). Team or knockout competitions can be catered for and are organised by race marshals.

      Guaranteed fun for all (those who have never tried it before have been known to get hooked!).

Team Building Day 1

    • 09.30 Vision and Goals
    • 10.00 Team Building Exercise: Hollywood

One of our most enjoyable, and different, team projects provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved in a creative team experience. It results in a ‘product’ in which all the team can share success. Indeed, Hollywood encapsulates most teams desired objectives and is also great fun.

Since it is also a complex task, it is ideal for the team to use both the morning and afternoon sessions, working across lunch, to gain most value.

During the allotted time, the team is armed with a camcorder, a portable lighting rig, a Director’s chair, a clapperboard, costumes, wigs, make-up – in fact everything necessary to make an on-location, ‘no expense spared’, epic-proportioned movie.

The only problem is that the moguls from above insist on it being a remake of a golden oldie in order to ensure box office success. A synopsis of the plot, and snippets of crucial dialogue or show-stopping songs that must be included, together with essential props are supplied.

In addition, you will be tasked with producing some advertisements to generate even more income for the media moguls! As you can imagine, there are many roles that need to be filled, other than those who appear on film and everyone needs to be involved.

Of course, one of the best aspects of this project is that the team get to see the results of their work. It is an experience not to be missed!

Samples of film titles:

    • “Grease”
    • “Gone with the Wind”
    • “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”
    • “Casablanca”
    • “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
    • 14.30 Review of Exercise
    • 15.00 ‘World Premiere’ of Movie

The team settle down, with the traditional accompaniment of popcorn, to view their epic and adverts. Laughter will be prevalent, together with a shared pride in their accomplishments.

‘Oscars’ are awarded as everyone celebrates success.

  • 16.00 Review and Summary of the Event
  • 16.45 Close

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